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Who doesn’t want to reach the Mythic rank quickly and easily? But what you dream about sometimes doesn’t match reality, various obstacles such as the network that sometimes lags, teammates who are newbies or even you who are noobs make the trip to Mythic a stumbling block.

If you want to know how to turn off your opponent’s connection in ML games, you can use this latest cheat so that your enemies auto lag, so that making the path to Mythic in Mobile Legends is no longer an empty dream.

Cheats to Lag the Enemy in Mobile Legends

Using this cheat correctly can make even a noob you become a god in the blink of an eye. Because enemies affected by this cheat will experience a high ping, so suddenly the connection + signal of one enemy team will experience a lag. This situation will automatically make the game more optimal because the game becomes one-sided.

The enemy will be confused because their network connection lags and can’t move, and on the other hand you and your team will play smoothly. So you can win the game easily because the enemy can’t play with their performance, not even infrequently they will AFK. To this day you can still use this cheat smoothly.

The first thing you have to do is download all the materials needed and install the RAR application. You can use any RAR application on the PlayStore because they all have the same function, this RAR application is the most important because the script file that you download is a compressed file that you have to extract.

Download MOD Mobile Legends

You can see how to use it on the Sugandi channel earlier. The download file for the mobile legends MOD game is at the link below:

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Silahkan tunggu dalam 15 detik boss

  1. Things you should pay attention to
    The use of cheats is indeed prohibited in Mobile Legends, and Moonton as a developer is very active in eradicating cheaters. However, based on the experience of the players, there are several things you can do to trick the situation a little so that you don’t seem like you’re using this cheat.
  2. Try to hang out with your friends, the goal is so that your teammates and opponents won’t accuse you of using cheat signals in Mobile Legends (ML).
  3. Given the impact of using this cheat, some of your friends also have to pretend to be lag.
  4. Finish the game quickly to minimize suspicion, but if you are basically a noob the game will definitely run for a long time. That’s what mabar is for, who knows your playmate is a pro player.

So, that was the latest cheat in 2020, how to turn off your opponent’s connection so that your enemy lags in the Mobile Legends (ML) game, don’t forget, so you don’t get banned, use a backup account. Keep in mind, when you return to using your main account, immediately delete the script that you installed in the installation folder, so that your main account is safe.