MAP Mobile Legends Sugandi

On the Mobile Legends fanpage on Facebook social media, not a few players have complained about the map heck used by cheaters. And it turns out that the heck map in Mobile Legends is not just an issue.

The use of this transparent map also turned out to be easy to do. It is only enough to enter a script file in the Mobile Legends application data on your cellphone, then you can use this hack map smoothly without any interference.

Actually, what is a map hack Mobile Legends? Map heck itself is a way that allows you to find out the position of your opponent while playing. While the drone view is a remote camera that we can use to see the enemy’s range further.

You will be able to monitor the position of the opponent so that it will make the game unfair.

Mobile Legends MAP Script

The existence of an enemy that should not be known can change to what we know is done using this Mobile Legends Map script. Of course, this cheating makes the sportsmanship of playing the game unbalanced and one-sided.

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends itself has actually taken firm action against the use of this kind of trick. However, unfortunately this action only applies to those who use suspicious applications or other third-party applications.

While the use of this Map script does not require third-party applications and root access so it will be difficult to detect. You could say that this radar map uses a security system loophole in the Mobile Legends application.

Download the Latest MOD MAP Mobile Legends

For how to use this script, you can see on the previous channel, namely in the previous video.

So, what do you think about the Map script in Mobile Legends? If you are interested, you can just download the script above and use it according to the instructions given. Have fun!