Script Auto Aim Hook Franco Alaick

One of the MOBA games that are still loved by many android gamers, Mobile Legends, this time you will get the Auto Aim script. This feature itself is to help players who have difficulty directing the skills of the heroes in Mobile Legends.

Meanwhile, activating this feature is quite easy, namely by going to settings and then looking for help mode (auto aim) and just activate it. This feature can automatically be used when you are playing.

Regarding this, as reported by Spin Esport, there are three (3) Mobile Legends heroes who are greatly helped by this auto aim feature.

  1. Franco
    The hero who has the most annoying CC (crowd control) skill in Mobile Legends, is very helpful when directing his 1st skill. With this feature, because the hook can be targeted to one point and 80 percent hit the intended target.
  2. Selena
    One of the heroes who is known for his “catfish”, is also greatly helped by this auto aim feature. So that it can lock the movement of the target wherever he is with his arrow skill.
  3. Minsitthar
    The last hero is Minshitthar, which is a similar hero to Selana and Franco, who must target 1 enemy to target. With this feature 1 Minsitthar skill will be very helpful.

How Franco’s Auto Aim Hook Feature Works in Mobile Legends
After this feature, then how does auto aim work? The method is very easy, first you must activate this feature first.

Then if it is activated, when using the skill do not be directed as it should.

For example, you can use Franco and want to use skill 1 towards your opponent, you must point skill 1 at your opponent.

With this feature, all you have to do is press and hold skill 1, it will automatically follow the opponent’s movement without you even pointing it.

Download Script Auto Aim Hook Franco Mobile Legends

You can see how to use it through Alaick previous video channel.

That’s the article from the direction of techno this time about Auto Aim Hoock Franco Mobile Legends, please try it and hopefully it will be useful.