Script Damage Mobile Legends Mr. Official

Hello friends, Mobile legends players, the moba game that is currently trending and has a lot of players because the moba game is usually played on this PC, instead it is a trending moba game that can be played on android.

Mobile legends, maybe many already know, games with the Moba genre which are the most installed analog MOBA games in 2020 until now. Lots of MLBB players play it, also like Player Pro Jezz no limit, RRQ Lemon and many more. The point is that he is good at playing games, especially since he has become a Youtuber because of this game.

The more pro players, the harder it is to level up mobile legends, right? Actually, the quick way to increase the Rank level or like MMR, winrate is easy, bro. Want to know how to level up mobile legends quickly? Here are two ways.

There are two ways to quickly raise the ML (Mobile Legends) level, the first is to be diligent with friends, the second way in my opinion is a bit of a cheat because it will use this Mobile Legends Damage Script.

However, since I wrote the title of this article about the Damage Mobile Legends apk, so I will discuss only about it.

  • Advantages of Using Script to Add Damage to Mobile Legends
  • 100% safe script No ML cheats detected
  • Auto win
  • Team Pro
  • Enemy noob
  • It’s been tested on the mitic rank, it still works
  • damage increases, moreover mage 87% increases damage lvl 30%
  • The increase in mmr, because this scriot has been combined like the GB MMR application

Download the Script to Add Damage to Mobile Legends

Please click on the script below to download the damage apk.

To download the Damage APK above, you can click the link, don’t worry, there is no password, friend, you just need to download and attach it directly to the Mobile legends file that is in the Android data.

Notes! For how to use the latest Mobile Legends Script Damage above, you can see it through the previous Mr. Official Youtube channel.

That’s the article from the direction of tekno this time about the Mobile Legends Hero Damage Enhancement Script. Please download and try the script above on your cellphone! Have fun xixixi.